Orthomol® Sport

Orthomol® Sport is a dietary supplement for athletes to support their physical performance, resistance and regeneration.

30 days supply

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Why specifically Orthomol® Sport?

As top-performance athletes have known for a long time, it is often difficult to satisfy an increased need for micronutrients with a normal diet – and this also applies to many people who exercise regularly as a hobby. People who pursue sports activities are frequently unable to cope with the detailed recommendations for an ideal sports diet. For example, those who are active athletes and also work seldom have the time to satisfy this increased need. They also frequently lack the basic knowledge that is necessary in order to correctly implement these recommendations in practice.

This risk of a micronutrient deficiency is especially great with sports in which athletes must pay particular attention to their body weight because the micronutrient supply can be insufficient in these cases as a result of a calorie-reduced diet.

Orthomol® Sport is a food supplement for athletes with a need-based and balanced combination of all important micronutrients that are essential for optimized performance, regeneration and resistance.