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The immune system - guardian of your health

The immune system grows with its responsibilities, “and each stage of life places its own demands on these natural defenses. It takes many years for children to develop their immune system. Then, as life progresses, the body’s defenses have to cope+++ with a steady stream of fresh challenges (such as illnesses, physical strain and stress). Unfortunately, our immune system also experiences its own ageing process – the all-round protection loses its strength. The good news is that we can do a lot to maintain strong immune defenses. Eating a balanced diet with seasonal foods, exercising regularly and ensuring sufficient relaxation already does a lot for your body’s defense system. Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) deserve special emphasis here. The sheer complexity of the tasks performed by the immune system means that it relies heavily on a sufficient supply of micronutrients. But what are micronutrients? And why are they so important for the immune system? On the following pages you will find many fascinating details that describe how the immune system functions and explain the importance of nutrition for boosting the health of the immune system. You will also receive advice on how to support your personal all-round protection in the best way.

A strong protector for life

Whatever we do – whether we are working, doing sports, or sitting in a café with friends, we are continually in contact with millions of germs (such as bacteria, viruses and fungi) and external factors (such as fine dust and pollen). Nevertheless, most of the time our body manages to cope with this onslaught, due to our body’s own all-round protection: the immune system. It works around the clock without a break, seven days a week, to protect us against attacks.

Our Advice:

Adults only laugh 15 times per day. In contrast, children laugh around 400 times – every day! That is exactly what we need, too. Laughing reduces cortisol, which is produced by stress and suppresses the immune system.

The complex immune network – a simple explanation

The immune system is a highly complex and sensitive network that is spread out throughout the entire body. Organs such as our bone marrow, thymus, spleen, tonsils and lymph nodes are part of the system, as are special blood cells. Without our immune system we would be dangerously exposed to harmful factors such as germs and environmental pollutants, and also changes in our body that are detrimental to our health.

Unspecific, congenital defense

The unspecific immune defense is able to neutralize foreign bodies and many germs as soon as they first come into contact with our body. From the moment we are born, it protects us with two key defense tools: phagocytes and natural killer cells. Both cell types play an active role in cellular defense and directly engulf, destroy, and remove germs and foreign bodies.

Specific, acquired defense

Unlike the unspecific, congenital defence, the specific defence is only built up after birth and develops continually during our lifetime. The organism “remembers” certain germs with the help of memory cells that enable it to “learn”. That is why the term “acquired” is used. The defence strategy of the specific defence is provided by lymphocytes.

When the all-round protection shows signs of weakening

Our immune system is always in action and needs to perform at peak levels. However, when the strain gets too much, our all-round protection can show signs of weakening.

The causes of a weakened immune system are diverse, such as:

  • Acute and chronic respiratory tract diseases
  • Stress at work and in our private lives Stress due to environmental pollutants
  • Taking medicine
  • Malnutrition
  • After operations during convalescence Ageing processes
  • Dietary immune deficiencies, e.g. owing to
    recurrent infections

It is estimated that billions of defense cells are produced every day, which is a tremendous achievement. If there are bottlenecks in the immune system, for example when an increased need in the supply of important micronutrients is not fulfilled, then cell formation can be disturbed – which has an effect on the body’s defenses. Our all-round protection can rapidly flounder. Conversely, our actions can also have a positive influence on the immune system. Sufficient rest and sleep can allow the cells to regenerate. Exercise outside in the fresh air and a balanced diet also contribute to maintaining an entirely healthy immune system.

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